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Take the Guesswork out of Networking

Finding job search groups, networking groups and speakers can be overwhelming and confusing. Too many places to look and not easy to find.

My Networking Central provides continually updated information in one location to make your networking journey easier whether you’re looking for a job, for a networking group or a speaker for your event.

My Networking Central is your Community of Networking Events and Speakers.

My Networking Central is a collaboration of trusted job search group speakers, with past careers in HR, recruiting, journalism and communications who all share a common goal of helping job seekers to land more quickly.

What is My Networking Central?

My Networking Central is a searchable networking group and networking event database where job seekers, group facilitators and speakers can find events and topics of interest. Join us and let My Networking Central help you navigate the busy waters of networking groups and networking events.
Kenneth Lang

Kenneth Lang

Kenneth Lang formed KML Consultants to help people boost their online visibility on LinkedIn. He understands how introverts feel about putting themselves “out there” since he’s an introvert at heart and has experienced the challenges in the job market that come with that.

He belongs to and facilitates several job support and small business networking groups in NJ, including a weekly LinkedIn Live event. Kenneth coaches individuals who want a more robust presence on LinkedIn to help support their personal and business networking goals.

To find out more, visit kmlconsultants.com.

Marty Latman

Marty Latman

Marty Latman is called by many people the “Best Networker” they know. He is a “People Helper and Match Maker”. After spending many years as a C-Suite member at several organizations, Marty started his own firm, Latman Advisory Services LLC in 2016. As Managing Partner of Latman Advisory Services LLC, he provides business consulting services to help organizations achieve their business goals and improve their profitability. Marty also provides mentoring and career coaching services to professionals in many industries. He advises, supports, teaches, and trains the techniques needed by individuals to advance and improve their careers. Over 1,300 professionals have said that through his help, they are now more successful in the position they desired. Marty takes a collaborative approach as he works closely with his clients to meet their unique needs and goals. In addition to speaking to many networking groups, he has been a guest speaker at meetings of local, regional and national organizations where he has discussed various career development topics including networking, interviewing techniques and advance career planning strategies. Marty is also a CPA.