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Job seekers – search for the latest networking events and networking group speakers. Whether you’re a Job Seeker, in career transition, re-entering the workforce, or looking to improve your digital visibility and influence, join My Networking Central to connect with:

● Connections and potential connections within your profession and industry

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My Networking Central lists meetings that have topic-driven speakers. Their knowledge will help you in your job search. Use our search functionality to pinpoint what works best for you.

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Case Study


John is in transition and is looking to join a general networking group with people in all different industries and different professions, and is also looking for a networking group with people who specialize in the IT industry.

Using My Networking Central, John will be able to find a number of groups to visit in order to choose the right one for his needs.
Case Study


Terry is an accountant in transition. She wants to attend a networking group meeting where the speaker specializes in discussing job interviewing skills.

Using My Networking Central, Terry will be able to locate and attend a number of groups who have speakers in her area of interest.