Cathy McCafferty- Smith

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Cathy McCafferty- Smith


State: MI

Zip Code: 48362

Cathy McCafferty- Smith

Cathy McCafferty-Smith Author- CareerMap: Discover your unique purpose
Sneak preview:
Question: What gives you so much energy- that would you do this task/ action/ job,
even if you never got paid  for it!  This is your first clue to your larger purpose!
Career Map: Discover your unique purpose is filled with amusing stories, 10 interesting/fun thinking exercises, coincidences, 10 self reflective exercises (clues) that help you to seek and find that “best fit” job that capitalizes on what you do best and love to do most.
About the author:- Cathy has served 20+ years in multiple human resources/ organizational development roles, focusing on best fit talent acquisition /talent  development, leadership development succession programs.
Her purpose is to build inspiring, influential, character based, servant leaders at all levels of leadership for work/ministry. She is a co-creator and facilitator/ speaker within various adult career transition programs, and university career development programs.
Favorite Speaking topics-
– How to build your own dream job list to screen yourself IN (and limit disappointment)
– NetGiving is better than Networking – (Getting visible /living reference checks)
– What would you do- even if no one paid you a dime- you can’t stop doing it?
– What are those nagging  internal voices that are barriers to you own success?
– Do you know your personality type and how and where it fits best?
– Do you know you top Strengths/ Engagement preferences  and how you best use them?
Cathy is an experienced executive leadership coach and trainer with consulting  with organizations./ industries.
She serves as a leadership development consultant/ coach from campus to board room in her own consulting company, Know U LLC.

Speaker Topic(s): Emotions, General, Interviewing, See bio for other favorite topics

Meeting Type Availability: Virtual

Meeting Time Availability: Morning, Afternoon

Event Notice Needed: 2-4 weeks

Free vs. Paid: Paid, Free

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