Mason Harris

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Mason Harris



State: MD

Zip Code: 20878

Mason Harris

Listener. Speaker. Author. Entrepreneurs Organization. Award-Winning Company Founder.
I live in the Washington, DC, area. If you throw a rock, it’ll likely hit someone who works as a “speaker.” If it’s thrown hard enough, it’ll knock them over into another “speaker.” (Or, an intern on Capitol Hill.) So, yes, there are lots of speakers here.
However, speakers who are truly engaging, entertaining, and provide attendees with valuable takeaways are much harder to find.
It’s a good thing you’re still reading this!
I’m one of those speakers that leave your attendees talking and thinking about changes they can make to improve their lives, businesses, teams, and organizational culture.
What is my focus? Chutzpah – and its eight key behaviors. Chances are, you most likely already have some of the characteristics. Otherwise, why would you look for opportunities to move forward and grow?
Chutzpah is for individuals and organizations. Barbara Corcoran has chutzpah. Uber’s founding and growth demonstrated chutzpah. You can use chutzpah for self-advocacy, or you can teach and implement a culture of chutzpah that drives growth and satisfaction.
From leaders to more ordinary and hard-working people, cab drivers to Silicon Valley unicorn-company founders, and mail-room employees to philanthropists, we all exhibit chutzpah behaviors at times. But knowing, learning, practicing, and implementing the chutzpah model changes lives.
Let me help make your and your client’s events more memorable. That’s my chutzpah promise.

Speaker Topic(s): General Business, Chutzpah and Success. A Culture of Chutzpah. What's your ROC (Return on Chutzpah)?

Meeting Type Availability: Hybrid, Virtual, In-Person

Meeting Time Availability: Morning, Afternoon, Evening

Event Notice Needed: 1-2 weeks

Free vs. Paid: Paid, Free

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