Tim Domni

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Tim Domni

Email: Timdomini7@gmail.com

State: NJ

Zip Code: 07676

Tim Domni

For the past 11 years Tim has moderated a monthly networking group for Not- For Profit financial executives. Tim has extensive experience emceeing table presentations, thought leader discussions and leading presentations on various subjects himself. Tim has been working on boards since the 1980s – he joined and then became president of a Co-op board, worked on a youth theater board, was president of the Ridgewood Gilbert and Sullivan Opera Company and currently serves as Treasurer to the Arts Rock Board in Rockland County. In the decades of service Tim has developed a sharp understanding of what works and does not work for a smooth functioning and impactful board.
Tim in his work life was responsible for financial reporting to boards for over fifteen years. Tim worked with executive management to present clear and actionable reporting at the board level. Focused on Not-for-Profit organizations for the past 20 years Tim has worked to manage reporting, public and internal, establish controls, managed banking relationships and has managed many operational needs from payroll to HR benefit administration to property plant and equipment. Tim has negotiated leases, been a 401K plan trustee, overseen endowment portfolios and worked closely with outside audit firms to manage recording and presenting financial results that reflect performance fairly and correctly.
After more than 35 years of full-time work Tim has transitioned to a flexible work schedule based around finding and supporting Not for profits that need a helping hand through outside services. He brings his enthusiasm for, and broad knowledge of not-for-profit issues and a desire to help to all his potential clients.
Tim has an undergraduate degree in Finance and master’s in Management from Babson College.

Speaker Topic(s): Other - How to Transition to Not for Profit work, How to look at NFP Financials, You have joined a not for profit board - Now What?

Meeting Type Availability: Hybrid

Meeting Time Availability: Morning, Afternoon, Evening

Event Notice Needed: 1-2 weeks

Free vs. Paid: Free

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