Utsav Jain

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Utsav Jain

Website: https://www.branditlike.io/

Email: utsav@branditlike.io

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Utsav Jain

Utsav has always had a passion for entrepreneurship. The first business he ever started was when he was just 16 years old. He started his career as a US Tax Accountant working for Deloitte, Bank of America and KPMG. He then pivoted his career in 2018 to be a Recruiter but soon realized that the path of LinkedIn strategy is what really resonated with him.
Today, Utsav is a LinkedIn Strategist who helps Businesses and Individuals optimize their LinkedIn platform to its full potential. He also provides branding advice by leveraging News media outlets like Yahoo and Google to help businesses rank on page 1 of Google’s SERP (Search Engine Results Page).
Utsav is a branding strategist who helps businesses and individuals to build their brand on LinkedIn. He’s the founder of Brand It Like, which provides digital marketing services for business owners looking to grow their presence online. Utsav immigrated to Canada in 2017 and found his Dream Job at KPMG through his very own sought-after LinkedIn strategies. He has since pivoted his career into becoming a recruiter, before founding both an import company for tea as well as his current branding agency. Today he spends most of his time helping people optimize their LinkedIn platform with tips on how to stand out from the crowd!

Speaker Topic(s): Branding, General Business, LinkedIn Profile, Networking Techniques, LinkedIn Content and Networking Strategies, Google SERP, and News Media Press Releases.

Meeting Type Availability: Hybrid, Virtual, In-Person

Meeting Time Availability: Morning, Afternoon, Evening

Event Notice Needed: 1 Week

Free vs. Paid: Paid, Free

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