ATD NNJ (Association for Talent Development in Northern NJ) Career Transition

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ATD NNJ (Association for Talent Development in Northern NJ) Career Transition

ATD NNJ Career Transition (Association for Talent Development in Northern NJ)  has been created to provide a professional forum for members seeking new career opportunities in Training and Development, Organizational Development, and related disciplines.
The group’s goal is to bring learning opportunities to the community, space for networking, exchange of resources, contacts and information for those interested in new career opportunities.  Facilitators, contributors, and speakers volunteer their support to the group.
This group is open to everyone (members or non-members of  If you are interested in joining the Northern NJ ATD, membership details and benefits are posted on the website (

Meeting Type: Virtual

Meeting Day(s): Thursday

Meeting Frequency: Specific Dates

Membership Fee: No

Meeting Fee: No

Membership Requirements: No

Speaker Topics: ATS, Branding, Communications, Emotions, General, Interviewing, LinkedIn Profile, Networking Techniques, Resume, Search Techniques, Varied, Various topics of interest in Career Management, Job Search and Career Networking.

Industry/Industries: All


Facilitator Contact: Linda Trignano

Facilitator Email:

State: NJ

Zip Code: 07430


State: NJ

Zip Code: 07430

Please contact the above group to confirm details, dates, costs, etc., before making plans to attend. My Networking Central is not responsible for any inaccuracies or errors in the content submitted.