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Great Careers Groups & BENG

To provide career education, resources, support services, and networking connections to individuals, including veterans. We serve the unemployed, the underemployed, the self-employed, and the employed, as well as the organizations (businesses and nonprofits) that may employ them. Whenever possible, we focus on the underrepresented, those unique in entering the civilian workforce, and the disadvantaged (including minorities, gender identity populations, Veterans, and those impacted by ageism). Why? Everyone deserves an opportunity to earn an income.

We are a volunteer-run 501(c)3 nonprofit that runs up to 600 events a year (about 35–50 a month) on Zoom and on Clubhouse. As a DEIB nonprofit, our members can attend all the events for free for a year, and nonmembers can attend some things for free and others for a small fee, which helps us sustain our organization’s expenses of insurance and tech costs. We bring BIG value for a small fee and we also have scholarships for those in need.

We also run Business Executives Networking Group (BENG) for mid to senior-level executives, Nonprofit Career Network (NCN) for people who are interested in connecting with others in the nonprofit world, and host the OUTstanding Careers Group, an LGBTQ+ career support group. We are also open to other special interest groups and people who want to volunteer remotely to fill to do tasks and have a “job” to fill their employment gaps.


Meeting Type: Virtual

Membership Fee: No

Meeting Fee: No

Membership Requirements: No

Speaker Topics: Career topics for career transition (job seekers and veterans) and career management (underemployed, employed, self-employed).

Industry/Industries: All


Facilitator Contact: Lynne Williams

Facilitator Email:

State: PA, GA, NC, DC

Zip Code: 19406


State: PA, GA, NC, DC

Zip Code: 19406

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