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Weekly LinkedIn Live – My Networking Central

Ken Lang – Your LinkedIn Concierge

Here’s the bottom line: you’re always in good hands with Ken, who understands from firsthand experience the ups and downs of a job search and career change. He also understands how many introverts feel about putting themselves “out there” since he’s an introvert at heart, and has experienced the challenges in the job market that come with that.

If you can relate, you’ll find a supportive ally in Ken Lang. He’s learned through all that experience how to use the power of LinkedIn to build a following, attract the attention of prospective employers, and do some really deep networking. Today, he’s coaching individuals who want a more robust presence on the platform to help them meet their business networking goals.

Want to know more? Contact Ken to discuss how he can help you boost your LinkedIn presence and activity (whether you’re an introvert or extrovert!).

Meeting Type: Virtual

Region: Based in the New York Area, with virtual meetings open to all

Meeting Frequency: Weekly on Tuesdays

Meeting Time: 1:00PM EST - 2:00PM EST

Membership Fee: None

Meeting Fee: None

Membership Requirements: None

Speaker Topics: LinkedIn

Industry/Industries: We service numerous industries, contact us for more information.

Website: https://www.linkedin.com/company/my-networking-central/?viewAsMember=true

Facilitator Contact: Kenneth Lang

Facilitator Email: ken@kmlconsultants.com

State: NJ

Zip Code: 07470


State: NJ

Zip Code: 07470

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