NJ Job Seekers

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NJ Job Seekers

The oldest continuously operating running job search support group in the US, offering informal, small group discussions allowing deeper focus on particular questions.
Full Description: Founded in the 1980s by the late Nils Nilsson, NJ Job Seekers is according to a New York Times article some years ago the longest continuously operating job search and support group in the nation. Owing to the fact that it was started at a time when there was an even heavier stigma associated with not having a job, NJ Job Seekers is a confidential job search support group.
Although the group historically has met in-person where we are generously hosted by Trinity Church of Princeton, NJ, the global pandemic made that extremely unwise and has adopted a virtual model.

Meeting Type: Virtual

Meeting Day(s): Tuesday

Meeting Frequency: Bi-weekly

Membership Fee: No

Meeting Fee: No

Membership Requirements: No

Speaker Topics: Varied

Facilitator Contact: Joe Levy and Ed Han

Facilitator Email: ed.m.han@gmail.com


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