Roswell Georgia UMC

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Roswell Georgia UMC

Every session includes the following workshops:
1. “Crossroads Crash Course”
2. Resume (one-on-one resume review can be scheduled for later in the week)
3. LinkedIn
4. Interviewing
Each virtual workshop is approximately 45 minutes in duration. Conducted on Zoom, there is limited interaction. Return to in-person workshops is scheduled for January, 2022. It is planned for a hybrid format at that time.


Meeting Type: Hybrid, In Person, Virtual

Meeting Day(s): Monday

Meeting Location: Roswell, Georgia

Meeting Frequency: Specific Dates

Membership Fee: No

Meeting Fee: No

Membership Requirements: No

Speaker Topics: LinkedIn, resume writing, resume review, networking, branding, interviewing

Industry/Industries: All


Facilitator Contact: Pam Murphy Vincent

Facilitator Email:

State: GA

Zip Code: 30068


State: GA

Zip Code: 30068

Please contact the above group to confirm details, dates, costs, etc., before making plans to attend. My Networking Central is not responsible for any inaccuracies or errors in the content submitted.