Hey Recruiter, Want to Talk to Me? Fill Out This Application First

What if, instead of people applying to jobs, the jobs applied to people? If youโ€™re a recruiter competing in a tight market for software engineers, this could be your new reality.
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LinkedIn Live – Alex Freund

Excited to have this conversation with Alex Freund, The Landing Expert
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You’re not alone in job search

Your first few weeks after job lossย  will be rocky. I liken job loss to losing a family member. Think about the similarities. When someone dies, ๐Ÿ™ You’re in shock ๐Ÿ™ You start notifying others – about the funeral, etc. ๐Ÿ™ You cancel the person’s SSN, contact credit card companies, doctors’ offices, etc. ๐Ÿ™ You... MORE
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Marty Latman

FENG – Bergen County

Do you consistently turn interviews into engaging conversations that get you the offer? Or are you too often the bridesmaid and not the bride? Join us on Wednesday, January 18th for an interactive skill-building workshop as Job Search Strategist John Hadley:
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Jump in, the posting water’s fine!

Don’t be afraid. Use LinkedIn to build relationships. Easier said than done? Yup. Really? Yup Remember you’re not on an interview here, you’re not applying for a job and you have something as valuable to say as any of those ‘influencers’ do – maybe even more so. Where to start? Find a post or article... MORE
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VIP Job Seeker Office Hours

Join an upcoming Friday VIP job seekers office hours zoom session. It's free! Feel free to spread the word to others who are in career transition.
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Test Featured Event #1

Testing the excerpt for the homepage featured events. That's what this is.
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Look for us on Meller Marketing’s Friday VIP Job Seeker Hours

My Networking Central is excited to participate…… What’s covered **Success stories from fellow attendees – hear from fellow job seekers who got a job, who got an offer, who are negotiating, who were called back by a recruiter / hiring manager, or other steps along the way to success. **Questions from attendees. This might be... MORE
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Using LinkedIn when in job search

If you've lost your job, make sure your LinkedIn profile tells your story - how your skills and background separate you from everyone else
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