Using LinkedIn when in job search

If you've lost your job, make sure your LinkedIn profile tells your story - how your skills and background separate you from everyone else
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Latest LinkedIn best practices

✅ Create a very specific, targeted personalized connection request. ✅ Don’t follow up right away – give it a day or so. ✅ Use at least one of your days on LinkedIn to just engage on other people’s posts. ✅ It can be a bit too ‘stalky’ to connect with everyone who’s viewed your profile... MORE
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How To Message Someone On LinkedIn About A Job

Courtesy of Hannah Morgan – the Career Sherpa LinkedIn has great potential for job seekers. The networking site connects you with millions of working professionals, and you can easily find the right people to reach out to when seeking employment. Whether you have an interest in working with a specific organization or you’re looking to... MORE
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Are You Using LinkedIn for a Career Change, but Don’t Want Your Employer to Know?

Courtesy of Brenda Meller from Meller Marketing Thinking about using LinkedIn for your next career change, but don’t want your employer to know? Here are a few LinkedIn strategy tips for those of you seeking to use in “stealth mode” (so you don’t alert your employer). No, it’s not a new LinkedIn setting. It’s my... MORE
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NSCN Coach report findings

💡 – Job loss takes a emotional and professional toll 💡 – Different services needed for different groups 💡 – State agencies need to work together, not apart 💡 – Better partnerships needed between employers and agencies Most people won’t read 46 pages of findings or the 4-page brief from the New Start Career Network... MORE
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