Look for us on Meller Marketing’s Friday VIP Job Seeker Hours

Look for us on Meller Marketing’s Friday VIP Job Seeker Hours

My Networking Central is excited to participate……

What’s covered

**Success stories from fellow attendees – hear from fellow job seekers who got a job, who got an offer, who are negotiating, who were called back by a recruiter / hiring manager, or other steps along the way to success.

**Questions from attendees. This might be a question about using LinkedIn for your job search, about your resume, about interviewing, about networking, or other topics related to your job search.

**Inspiration and community. THIS IS KEY! Brenda’s goal is for you to know that you are part of a team — her VIP TEAM — until you’re back to work. “I don’t want you to feel alone, and I know it can be very isolating when you’re not working. Sometimes I’ll share stories from my own struggles of being in career transition, or tips to stay motivated, or tips to reach out to others in the group.

“We have a VERY active chat in the Zoom. We share tips. We answer questions. We show support. And you can download chat before leaving the call. You may participate as much or as little as you’d like!

Here’s the link to join – every Friday