NSCN Coach report findings

NSCN Coach report findings

πŸ’‘ – Job loss takes a emotional and professional toll
πŸ’‘ – Different services needed for different groups
πŸ’‘ – State agencies need to work together, not apart
πŸ’‘ – Better partnerships needed between employers and agencies

Most people won’t read 46 pages of findings or the 4-page brief from the New Start Career Network so I put this together, for everyone to see.

If companies want to make a difference they’ll put their proverbial money were their mouths are – by creating and funding grants so we can keep doing the work that agencies either can’t or won’t do.

If agencies truly want to help, there are dozens, maybe hundreds of job search advocates who are at the ready.

Some first thoughts….

βœ… – More needs to be done to focus on emotional needs
βœ… – Outsource some of your services to those of us who know what we’re talking about. Pay us through training grants you have available
βœ… – Include our resources on your websites
βœ… – Stop posting jobs – they’re not helpful, outdated or don’t exist
Get into the 21st century already-
βœ… – Include us when you discuss your challenges