Are You Using LinkedIn for a Career Change, but Don’t Want Your Employer to Know?

Courtesy of Brenda Meller from Meller Marketing

Thinking about using LinkedIn for your next career change, but don’t want your employer to know?

Here are a few LinkedIn strategy tips for those of you seeking to use in “stealth mode” (so you don’t alert your employer).

No, it’s not a new LinkedIn setting. It’s my way of describing how to strategically use LinkedIn to increase your visibility and appeal to potential future employers without alerting your coworkers or current employer that you’re considering making a move.

FIRST: Consider who you really want to stay connected with at your current organization.

NEXT: Look at all of your LinkedIn activities as a way to demonstrate that you are a positive brand ambassador for your company.

Think about this from the perspective of hiring managers and people who could refer you to new positions.
Stop throwing off all those red flags.

Don’t Turn on “Open to Work” for “All LinkedIn Members” but DO consider selecting “Recruiters Only”