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“Dr. Scott” Dell

I work to inspire others through my enthusiasm and passion. I bring 20+ years of domestic and international business experience along with 10+ years of full-time academic teaching and program management knowledge.

Adam Berg

Adam offers a unique product; helping people who do not sell for a living sell what makes them unique and productive individuals.

Al Smith

Al’s books read as if he and the reader were having a conversation. “I hate most non-fiction tomes because I feel like I’m being lectured to. My goal is to engage the reader, so they feel a part of the message.”

Alex Freund

Alex Freund helps his clients improve their interview performance by removing the fear so they can feel confident during the process. For the last 15 years, Alex has helped more than 1200 clients ranging from managers to CEOs in a variety of industries.

Amy Geffen, PhD

I would love to be a speaker on a variety of topics for job seekers and leadership. I speak for public libraries, VESTA, Savvy Ladies, Brooklyn College, Philadelphia Greater Careers, among other organizations.

Anupama Kinatukara

Anupama is amongst the top 2500 in the world to be PgMP Certified in early 2018, PMP certified since 2007 with master’s degree from IIT-Bombay. She is currently serving on the President's Advisory Council of the Maxwell Leadership Team.

Bill Belknap

Bill regularly speaks to networking groups about the “ins and outs” of conducting an effective job search. He is considered an expert on networking and has taught networking through ExecuNet’s Webinar Series.

Bill LaChance

Bill LaChance is an independent financial advisor who specializes in working with people in job transition. Bill's firm offers a unique flat fee program that combines financial planning, portfolio guidance, tax planning and tax preparation.

Bobby Umar

Bobby Umar is an inspirational speaker, coach, and one of the most prolific advocates of heart-based leadership in North America. Inc Magazine named him one of the Top 100 Leadership Speakers.

Brenda Meller

Brenda is a self-proclaimed “ambassador” of LinkedIn, national speaker, and Chief Engagement Officer at Meller Marketing (, providing LinkedIn marketing and social media support for individuals and businesses.

Cathy McCafferty- Smith

Discover your unique purpose is filled with 10 interesting/fun thinking exercises, coincidences, 10 self reflective exercises (clues) that help you find that "best fit" job that capitalizes on what you do best and love to do most.

Christine Oh

I am a certified coach obsessed with personal and professional development and the human brain. As an immigrant child and first generation college student, I had to navigate my way around unknown territories involving career development.

Claire Davis

Claire shows Sales leaders how to steer their career advancement and make more money with custom resumes, LinkedIn profiles and job search strategies that work.

Dan Roth

Dan works to help those that have felt marginalized, understand their true value in work and life, speaking to how individuals can step into their greatness while combatting the gender and racial wealth gap.

David Faccone

David's passion has always been to help people do business better by fostering long-lasting, trusted business relationships.

David Schuchman

David Schuchman is an active leader in the job seeker support community and is the current Executive Chair of the Professional Service Group of Mercer County in Princeton, NJ and is a co-facilitator for New Jersey Job Seekers in Princeton, NJ.

David Suson

David studies the root causes or keystones for success and achievement in the areas of Leadership, Personal Performance, Sales and Communication. He delivers engaging, inspiring and energetic presentations.

Diane Darling

Diane Darling wrote the definitive book on networking in 2003 called The Networking Survival Guide. It went into a 2nd printing just 90 days after the book hit the shelves. She has appeared on NBC Nightly News, in The Wall Street Journal, San Francisco Chronicle, and The Boston Globe. She is a member of the Chief Executive’s Club of Boston.

Donna Hook

Donna helps job seekers become the best expression of themselves so they can confidently share impactful stories which help her clients secure meaningful job positions.

Ed Han

Ed Han is a recruiter with a passion for networking and helping professionals return to the workforce. Ed is an avid social media fiend and job seeker ally.

Erica Reckamp

Erica is an Executive Resume Writer and Job Search Consultant with Job Search Like a Pro

Ezra Fireworker MBA CSAF CSBI

Successfully builds on 15 + years of increasing performance, maximizing revenue streams, integration of team skills , deliverables to drive business growth while working with motivated and dedicated coworkers.

George Pace

George Pace is an IT technology leader, focusing on how to extract business value from the latest technologies.

Gerard Raho

I'm happy to offer a no fee/obligation consultation to discuss your investments, overall situation and what matters most to you. Email:  or office number 973 543 2867.

Gina Martin

Gina utilizes her life and career experiences to help clients discover and develop their self-leadership skills, unlock what’s keeping them from achieving the success they deserve and, inspire them to take action to create the life of their dreams.

Glenn Daniels

I have used storytelling to connect audiences with the skills and techniques that enable them to become great leaders rapidly.

Heather Kay

Heather is centered on ensuring that her programs create a change in behavior which is why she focuses on specific workshops.  She has helped people recognize and leverage their strengths, and leaders become more effective.

Holly Wright

Holly specializes in executive integration, helping leaders successfully transition to a new role within their existing organization or in a new organization, rapidly accelerating the value they bring to the organization.

Janelle Razzino

Janelle personally selects the candidates delivering only the best and most qualified. She expertly understands the non-technical requirements: the body language, the personality and the cultural fit, leaving no doubt as to the candidate of choice

Jeff Altman

People Hire Me for No BS Job Search Advice and Coaching Globally Because I Make Things Easier So You Don't Need to Figure Things Out. I host on YouTube and the oldest and longest-running podcast, No BS Job Search Advice Radio with more than 2600 episodes since November 2010.

Jeffrey DeSocio

Jeffrey is the founder of Mass Professional Networking and Mass Tech Networking, one of Greater Boston's leading business networking groups with monthly events and business networking advisory services.

Jessica Hagins

Jessie Hagins has 20 years of experience in media production, news video, reporting, producing, radio announcing, and teaching at her local college.

John Hadley

John Hadley helps job seekers who are frustrated with their search.  He also works with professionals struggling to become and be seen as influential leaders in their organizations.

Johnny Walker

Johnny occasionally swears, rarely sits on the fence and is always entertaining and educational.
Kenneth Lang

Kenneth Lang

Ken is a LinkedIn coach and trainer, helping people boost their online visibility on LinkedIn.

Kevin D. Turner

Kevin's expertise: Visioneering, Culture Building, and creating Disruptive Advantages. His passion: talent development and cultivating high-performance teams globally while profitably managing, branding, and growing organizations

LaPora Lindsey

Through a basis of rejection and self-worth, LaPora shares strategies for turning fear into focus, making mistakes work for you, energizing your team, and more.

Linda Trignano

Linda Trignano, a former corporate recruiter with AT&T, offers career coaching to individuals in transition as well as those looking to increase their career opportunities within their current positions.

Lisa Rangel

Lisa’s mission in life is to continue to make the world a happier place with one fulfilling, well-paying job change at a time using her 4-Step M.E.T.A. Job Landing System.

Liz S Mohler

Liz Mohler, M.S., ACC. coaches Executives, entrepreneurs, and employees in transition. Furloughed, midlife crisis and entertainment/creative types, helping them all find success.

Lynne Williams

Lynne is the Executive Director of the Great Careers Group & BENG a volunteer-run 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that provides career education and networking connections for: jobseekers in career transition, including veterans.

Marty Gilbert

Marty’s trademarked “What the Hell Approach to Job Search”® has gained notoriety as a proactive methodology that enables professionals to accelerate engagement with target companies, key influencers and the hidden job market.

Marty Latman

Marty Latman is called by many people the “Best Networker” they know. He is a “People Helper and Match Maker”. After spending many years as a C-Suite member at several organizations, Marty started his own firm, Latman Advisory Services LLC in 2016.

Mary Kay Wedel

Mary Kay works individuals to leverage their strengths and identify opportunities for career growth or new job opportunities. Mary Kay's work includes professional branding, interviewing techniques and negotiations.

Mason Harris

Listener. Speaker. Author. Entrepreneurs Organization. Award-Winning Company Founder. Let me help make your and your client's events more memorable. That's my chutzpah promise.

Maya Ollson

Read Maya’s Job Search Tip of the Week or post an HR Internship opening free on Kokopella High Touch Outplacement at Contact Maya at  

Melanie Woods

Hi, I'm Melanie Woods. As an HR person that owns a recruiting, training and fractional Human Resources firm I have a passion for helping job seekers.

Pam Lippitt

People credit Pam for being able to find the perfect spot in a conversation to make the “ask” and close the deal.

Paul Cecala

Paul specializes in creating a project plan for your job search. He is often recognized for his strong listening skills and ability to help clients find work fast and has been commended for his networking skills and interview techniques.

Rachel Simon

Rachel knows that for her clients LinkedIn can often be overwhelming and difficult. She strives to make it fun while showing how to use its features to achieve real business goals.

Sara Madera

Sara became a career coach after realizing the favorite part of every job was helping her team realize their goals. A naturally good listener and mother of 2, she is a career coach for working women, helping them thrive at work and at home, while still finding time for themselves.

Scott Kane

Scott’s extensive experience in marketing, advertising and branding provides Gray Hair Management’s coaching clients with the creative strategy they need to help them to differentiate themselves in today’s competitive job market.

Steven P. Eschbach, CFA, CFC

Steve is currently an Executive Board Member of the Career & Networking Center based in Naperville and Co-Chair of The Financial Executives Networking Group – Chicago Downtown Chapter.

Ted Gerber

Ted’s unique skills are based on over thirty years of experience as an executive, consultant, trainer, mediator and coach.

Teddy L Burriss

Teddy Burriss is a Dale Carnegie Graduate Coach, Sandler Sales Trained, Certified Social Media Strategist, Certified DDI Facilitator, YouTube, Author Quora contributor and die-hard LinkedIn advocate.

Terrence H. Seamon

Known for his creative and engaging style as a facilitator, Terry helps guide executives and professionals in challenging transitions. Job seekers and career changers benefit by his seasoned and practical approach to the career transition process.

Tim Domni

Tim has moderated a monthly networking group for Not- For Profit financial executives. Tim has extensive experience emceeing table presentations, thought leader discussions and leading presentations on various subjects himself.

Tony Calabrese

Tony Calabrese is the founder of Absolute Transitions, LLC and a Certified Get Five Career Coach. Tony enjoys working with clients who are in job search or looking to change careers.

Utsav Jain

Utsav is a LinkedIn Strategist who helps Businesses and Individuals optimize their LinkedIn platform to its full potential. He also provides branding advice by leveraging News media outlets like Yahoo and Google

Victoria Hepburn

Victoria teaches professionals how to create efficiencies in your life and business so you can’t be ignored while working remotely, on virtual teams and hybrid offices.

Virginia Franco

I help clients all over the world to tell their stories and test the job search waters – often for the first time in years or after deciding to make a career change.